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      Alas, the years have not been kind to ephemera from the OS&W show... the show missed widespread home use of VCRs by only a few years, and the station's archives were deleted/destroyed years ago in a tale too painful to tell here.

      However, all is not lost! Thanks to the kind donations of viewers like you (no, this is not a PBS pledge!), is proud to present the first entries in the online OS&W Museum!

Our first exhibit is a scan of an article that appeared in "New West" magazine on December 19, 1977. It was written by Todd Tolces, a one-time DJ in the Bay Area and current voice-over artist. The scan was kindly provided by Jon Bryant, a fan of the show, who also participated by writing the much-remembered letters from "Little Jonny Bryant". Thanks Jon!

Next on our tour, we have a rare gem, indeed. Thanks to the kind efforts of fan Chris Stovall, we're treated to a few moments of the Old Sourdough and Wachikanoka on radio station KSJO back in 1974! Coming soon - more from this show!

Next up, a series of clips from an August 1974 "Old Sourdough and Wachikanoka" radio show on KSJO. The audio is courtesy Chris Stovall, and the pictures (which I'm sure will look familiar to all of you), are courtesy Andy Moore. Enjoy!

Next up is a few fantastic pictures courtesy of The Raven, a long-time fan who visited the OS&W set. Thanks, Raven! (Raven's account of the story follows the pictures).

Raven says:
"The time was the fall of 1977 and I and another person in the group I was in had an opportunity to attend a taping of the show. Unfortunately, and for what reason I do not remember I did not get to talk to Andy. However, I did get to talk to Gary at length and found him to very funny and outgoing. I told Gary that one night after work I was watching the show while eating popcorn and drinking beer. They came on for the break and I swear I saw a urinal on their wall. I told Gary I missed the show for the next several nights but the next time I saw it there was no urinal. I asked Gary "was I seeing things or did I just drink to much beer that night"? He said you were not seeing things it was there. He told me someone had sent this plastic urinal in that could be attached, with Velcro I believe, to the wall and they put it up. He said the station manager NEVER watched their show but the night the urinal appeared he saw the show. Next day they were in his office and told to take it down. Andy, if you read this please verify! On another note did anyone see the commercial they made about "I don't make house calls"? Some of the commercials they made were so off the wall and funny they were worth the price of admission alone."